New look for Gran Canaria Travelers

Hello Gran Canaria Travelers,

We’re so excited to show you our new look of – it’s been 4 years since we’ve started and it was a time for change.

If you’ve been at Gran Canaria – you could send me some photos which will be included in our Gallery.

If you’re going to Gran Canaria – come back soon, we’ll add Travel Guides, Description of the “Must See” places at Gran Canaria, things you should do on Gran canaria and so on.

If you’re from Gran Canaria, you’ve got some businesses (car rentals, hotels, restaurants, apartments to rent, discos, yachts or other tourist attraction) send us an email with your description – we’ll put them in our catalogue.

If you want to add something – just comment this post or comment at one of our videos at youtube.

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